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The Qi of Self Compassion

Live online courses  

Thursdays, Feb 25 & March 4

7-8:15 pm CST

Led by Christie Jordan

What is it to truly love yourself and have self-compassion?  What is it to stop beating yourself up and stop judging yourself?  How much do you compare yourself to others and feed the energy of unworthiness?  Do you drive yourself unnecessarily hard because of it? How many situations make you feel powerless or angry?  Do you know that whenever you get triggered into those responses within yourself, it shines a flashlight into where you are not loving yourself? 

These unconscious reactions and triggers happen as a way to release any barriers to self-love.  They are a heads up from your spirit to look…really look at the underlying Qi or energy of what bubbled up so you can be free to move towards yourself in greater compassion and in wholeness.   When you address these energies as they come up, you free up the potential for greater self-compassion and more conscious creation in your life. 

Join me in this seminar to learn how to address these moments that bubble up as powerful tools for self-transformation and healing.  When you are in the practice of mindful self-compassion, you are then able to more readily receive it from others. – this course is a precursor to the relationship course coming up.  This is about your relationship with yourself.  This course is a potent course in connecting with your true nature.

  • The Qi of Emotions

  • Self Judgement, Self Sabatage

  • Love yourself by being aware of: Traumas, unhealed wounds, projections, shadow

  • Bringing us back to our wholeness, our light

  • And more

Seminar conducted via Zoom. You will receive a Zoom meeting link prior to the session via email. ​

If you need to cancel, please give us 24hr notice to receive class credit. No refunds will be accepted for no-shows.

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