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The Qi of Relationships

Live Online Courses

Thursdays March 18 & 25 

from 7-8:15 pm CST

$144 for both classes

Led by Christie Jordan

Relationships can be the greatest teachers in our lives.  Whether it is with family, friends, romantic partners, spouses, kids, work colleagues, neighbors, arch nemeses, or strangers – our relationship with others create a space where we can gain great self-awareness, heal and grow. 


When we don’t have this bigger picture, it’s easy to cycle in the same energy, patterns and issues creating the same distress and lessons.  How do you shift these energies that don’t work for you or people around you?  How do you relate in a balanced energetic way?  How do you love and be loved in a way that is better than you’ve experienced? 


Join me in this webinar to learn the practices that can bring you into a greater connection with those around you.  We all desire connection and love.  There is something beautiful and universal about that.  Let’s explore within on what it is to relate intimately with those around us we choose that experience with.

  • The Qi of giving and receiving

  • The Energy of friendship

  • The Energy of partnership

  • Family Energy and Ancestral Qi

  • Five Element personality types

  • And more

Seminar conducted via Zoom. You will receive a Zoom meeting link prior to the session via email. ​

If you need to cancel, please give us 24hr notice to receive class credit. No refunds will be accepted for no-shows.

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