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Embody your Light

Throughout this past year, have you noticed you have dropped beliefs about yourself or your life and opened up to more in your life? Have you had situational, physical or mental health crises in the last 5 years that forced you to tune into your life, thoughts, and body and create change? Have you noticed you are more sensitive to people, places, energies, the news, than ever before? Have you noticed that it’s harder to avoid and hold in triggers? Have you been able to see, hear, feel, sense more clearly, to a point where pre and post 2020 self is noticeably different?

We are collectively waking up like never before. What we are working out within ourselves is a finetuning of our energy in our physical bodies. Embodying your light is about both embracing your physical embodiment as well as finetuning your energy/frequency body in conscious awareness.

To move forward, we must unwind and release old energy, balance the physical/emotional/mental, finetune the energy body or light body, trust ourselves foremost, and create the world our heart desires within and around us.

Embodying your light is about trusting your heart and moving into the conscious awareness that everything is frequency and energy, and thus a powerful tool for healing and creation in your life. Join me in the Embody Your Light webinar and we will move into how to finetune your sensitivities, your energy body, using your internal guidance system, and more.

Join me in this seminar where we will deepen our understanding of the energy bodies, our intuition and different forms of intuition, traps for lightworkers, and best practices that work for your individual self.

  • The Light Being

  • The Physical Body

  • The Emotional Body

  • The Light body or Energetic Body

  • Honing your intuition and the different types

  • And more

To register, please click here.

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