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The Qi of Relationships

If our life is one big lesson plan, then our relationships with our family, friends, partners, co-workers, children, and community are some of the most powerful lessons and teachers. Each relationship you have is by no accident as we generate patterns of Qi that attract a particular energy or persons into our lives. These relationships have the potential to teach you about yourself and your deeply held beliefs and patterns. In fact, relationships can be a path to self-awareness, if you allow them to be.

Relationships have the power to highlight those parts of yourself that otherwise might be hidden. As a result, they can be triggering, gut wrenching, and all out painful. Facing these challenges and learning about yourself provide lessons on your path to higher consciousness. When this pain is seen, felt, heard, and ultimately transformed, you have the ability to move into heart centered connection, a deeper compassion for yourself and the people involved.

Forming and maintaining healthy relationships is something we all inherently desire and this challenge helps us grow. Learning to release those relationships that limit our growth is something we must discern through our experience as well. And for those relationships we can continue to grow from but have cracks in them, how do you repair and rescript those experiences? This is not about judging others. It’s about having the courage to respond with maturity and clarity and honor the lessons that these relationships are teaching you.

Join me in this 2 webinar series to learn:

  • How to extricate yourself from drama when you are in an unconscious pattern that keeps presenting itself with different people and situations

  • The Qi of Giving and Receiving

  • The Qi of Co Dependency v Inter Dependency

  • The Qi of Boundaries V. Walls

  • Partnerships and Romantic Love

  • The Qi of Forgiveness

  • Healing the Cracks in our relationships

  • Learning to understand relationships through:

  • 5 element personality Types

  • Archetypes

To continue to grow in relationships requires self-awareness, self-compassion, and a whole lot of heart. If you are going to work on anything….THIS. To register, please click here.

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