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Self Compassion

Why is it so hard to love ourselves or even be worthy of love? The key could be in looking at emotional energies that we have stored deeply in our bodies as stuck energy or Qi. These stuck emotional energies are parts of us that we are unconscious of, that we deny or judge or simply are too afraid to look at because of trauma. And yet, these energies and Qi need to and want to move out of the body to heal.

Embracing all parts of you is the key to self-compassion and healing. Until we learn how to move these energies through our bodies without judgement, it’s difficult to truly love ourselves fully. Keeping these parts separate from your conscious awareness is a way to continue to deny yourself and ultimately deny true LOVE. When we deny parts of ourselves, we stay divided. And a divided individual leads to a divided whole. Being in the conscious practice of self-compassion leads to your wholeness and adds to the wholeness of the planet.

So how do you unify yourself and assist the movement of these stuck energies? Simply be aware of your emotions and embrace any triggers. Triggers are happening in a big way right now individually and in the collective. They can be big or recurrent triggers of anger or annoyance or sadness. Rather than reacting, learn to look at the situation from a higher lens and learn to look underneath those triggers. Triggers are those areas where light simply wants to enter. Light can enter when these areas of emotional energetic blocks bubble up and you consciously allow it to move through by feeling it.

Join me in this two-part webinar where we will be going through this process of how to move these energies to make more room for love. You will learn how to move through the process of embracing ALL of you so you can move into your wholeness and into the deepest compassion for yourself, and therefore others. To read more about this class, please click here.


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