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Crystal Gridding

Crystal grids are the placing of stones, crystals and other natural elements in a pattern for a specific intention. They are great teachers in frequency, vibration or Qi. When placed together with intent, they magnify the energetic properties of the stones. This creates a vortex of life force energy that allows the intentions to manifest.

Grids are beautiful mandalas, prayers or meditations of intention that go out to the divine universe. They can be used to raise consciousness, create sacred space, heighten intuition, empower manifestation and more.

We hold within each and every one of us the power to shift and create at any given moment. When we connect to our true nature, we become a potent source of conscious creation in our lives and in the world. The more we own our own creative force and power, the more we move into our flow.

How do we connect to our true nature, our inner wisdom to understand our powerful creative potential? How do you connect and create a relationship with natural elements like stones and crystals, and deepen your connection to your own intuition and creative flow? COME JOIN ME in this live online class on Crystal Gridding and it will give you the know how to start gridding in your own home.

Join me in this crystal Gridding seminar to learn how to:

  • Create from your heart and your true nature

  • Relate to crystals and stones – selection, cleansing

  • Create grids patterns

  • Set and activate a grid

  • Live demonstration – you can have your own crystals on hand or buy a kit

We will begin and end with a meditation and have Q & A at the end.

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