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Creating within Ourselves and in the World

We are all being asked to create. Your spirit is being asked to create. We came into this world to create. When we don’t create what our heart desires, we get stuck. And feelings of stuckness is the non- movement of Qi or Energy. Non movement of Qi or energy can lead to physical symptoms not limited to depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Creation isn’t limited to manifesting things and situations outside of us. It is concurrently inside of us. It can be grand like a new home or a new business, and it can be stillness, like rest and recovery that you never gave yourself. It can be a situation like a new job, loving relationship, or a move by the beach. It can be movement through the body with dance, words on a piece of paper for a book you always wanted to write, or a painting, a digital masterpiece, a website, or journaling. It can happen through the words you speak and sing. It can be a creation of community or new friendship and connection. Creation can be balanced physical and emotional health, greater focus, and resilience. It can be the timeless aging and so on.

What gets in the way and how do we identify and let go of blocks that keep us from moving forward and creating what our heart desires? Some blocks tend to be the same themes or energetic patterns over a period of time that create similar situations. For example, if you learned early on that you are only worthy of love if you adapt to what other people want of you, you create scenarios where you forfeit your needs to be worthy of love from another as an adult in relationships, and that never works out. And it can continue until you become aware of the block of unawareness and intentionally choose something different in each moment.

Creation is new energy coming in at all times. Simply being aware of this new energy in each now moment and moving forward with it can move you in the flow of creation. Each now moment creates the next now moment, and so on. How do you want to create your life in each now moment? And the next now moment? This is the practice of conscious creation. As the now moment is the only moment that exists. You get to claim it and create with it right here and now.

When we embrace that we are the creators in our lives, it gives us the ability to shift intentionally towards what we want as opposed to what we don’t want. Bring your focus back to your heart and listen to what it wants to create, because these are the blueprints you are born with. You were born to create.

Join me in the Qi of Conscious Creation seminar to learn the following:

  • How do I consciously create?

  • What do I want to create?

  • What gets in the way and how do I identify and let go of blocks that keep me from moving forward?

  • How do I shift my relationship with work?

  • How do I shift into Flow?

  • How conscious creation impacts the world

  • And more

To join us in learning about the Qi of Conscious Creation, please click here.

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