About us


Our team works together to bring you heart-centered content. We are excited to support you as you lean into empowered healing that honors your individual truth while also bringing to light unconscious patterns.  


Christie Jordan

 I’m Christie Jordan, and I am a teacher, intuitive healer, and acupuncturist & herbalist.  After 25 years of assisting people on their healing path, working one-on-one with clients,  and teaching, I’ve created The Awakened Now to touch on themes and patterns I see in the treatment room regularly no matter what someone is moving through in life. 


My main goal is to assist you in cultivating the tools that will bring your own life into awareness and alignment.  I belief you are your own best advocate, and you have within you the ability to heal, harmonize relationships and create forward in your life in a powerful way.  Ultimately, you have the ability to make a difference to yourself, to those around you and in the world by moving fully into your wholeness and embodying this light.