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Spiral Staircase

Awakened Now Foundations

Live online courses  

Wednesdays, Feb 3 & 10

7-8:15 pm CST

Led by Christie Jordan

The world is upside down right now and there can be a greater pull of your Qi or Energy towards things that you really have no control over.


If you are focused on the external situations, people, things, interactions, you will have more fear & anxiety and that can lead to more physical symptoms in the body such as headaches, tension, digestive upset and more.  The way to best navigate the constant changes, uncertainty and stress is to bring yourself back to you and what’s inside.  This is something everyone can do.  How can you be aware of what’s going on external to you, process it, but detach from the swirl of everything? 


Join me in this foundational course to access the practice of what it is to be awakened now.  You don’t have to be on a mountain top to access it.  We will go over many ways to access the now moment and move into the practice in your day to day lives so you are intentional about your healing and creation process.  This course will be the foundation course for all the courses in the future as we will keep referring to ideas from this course.

  • Mindful Awareness

  • Qi/Energy/Power

  • Head and Heart

  • Body and Emotions

  • Discernment

  • What Self Care REALLY is

  • And more


Seminar conducted via Zoom. You will receive a Zoom meeting link prior to the session via email. ​


If you need to cancel, please give us 24hr notice to receive class credit. No refunds will be accepted for no-shows.

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